Navico Registration for Online Exam & Live Interview

This is the formal Registration Form if you are ready to take the Online Exam and Live Interview within 1 month. If you need to download the Course materials to study and practice, please click here to jump to a separate form for downloading course materials. When you are ready to take the exam, please come back to this page to register for the Online Exam and Live Cam Interview.

Registration Form

Course Version

Please ensure that you pick the correct version on which you require to be trained/certified.

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Please fill in your information and upload your photo in JPG or PNG or GIF file format (below 1 MB). Also, please scan first two pages of your passport and upload them as one file in PDF format.

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Documents Details

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Please enter your current employment details and the name of the company who will be sponsoring you for the training fees.

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Other Information

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