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Disclaimer: Please note that MARIS (Maritime Information System AS) has been acquired by NAVICO (Holding AS). For more information, please refer to: Navico Acquires Maris

Course Summary

Brand Navico Logo
Model ARI Software , Maris ECDIS , Simulator Training
Duration of Course Five Working Days
  • Familiarity with Navico ECDIS on board ships.
  • Should have completed GENERIC ECDIS Course.

If you have not completed Generic ECDIS course, you can register for classroom training at Moloobhoys. Please refer to our Generic ECDIS Training

Facilities Downloadable Computer Based Training
Cost Rs. 10,000 + taxes (GST)
Amenties Cost includes the following amenities:
  • VEG Lunch for 05 days
  • Pick up and Drop off Facility
  • Tea/Coffee and biscuits
  • Individual Instructor attention
  • Not more than 8 students in a class
  • Combo-Offer with Type Specific Training – CLICK HERE for more information
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What is the ECDIS?

The Electronic Chart is a Dynamic Chart.

Its databank stores information about routes, weather, buoys, lights, tides, wind directions etc. and works as a one-point-interface, allowing the navigator to retrieve absolute information.

Having one piece of equipment as the central hub that is controlling the entire vessel allows the navigator to chart a more effective, quicker and fuel efficient course when planning his/her seaward journey.

Fuel expense is the primary sailing expense. Proper planning through the skilful use of the ECDIS allows fuel efficiency maximization to increase by 13.33% and reduces the overall wastage of fuel by 34.36% according to maritime studies conducted in the West.

Experts at the IMO believe that with E-Navigation and increased sophistication of the ECDIS, optimization of the ECDIS allows navigators to minimize their overall carbon footprint and sail in a more eco-friendly and time efficient manner.

After five days of training, a Chief Navigator will have the needed expertise, information, knowledge and education to be able to make better and more informed decisions on how to plot and chart out a course than ever before, with paper charts.

In a nutshell, it is the basic diversion of transferring the overall dependency of steering a vessel from man to machine.

What is the Generic ECDIS 1.27 Training Course?

The Generic Course, 1.27 teaches students how to expertly use and navigate on Electronic Charts.

Paper charts becoming obsolete as per the norms and regulations of E-Navigation and the rules and regulations of IMO and SOLAS. Paper charts are therefore now replaced by the ECDIS with cartography.

The course is a five day course that is broken up into 5 major sections covering all aspects of ECDIS navigation and safety at sea.

Why do I need a DG Approved Course?

The ECDIS is not only an equipment that has inbuilt cartography, but it is the primary equipment that navigates a vessel on “multiple track courses”.

Eventually, with the advancement and implementation of e-navigation, vessels will be steered automatically by the ECDIS. This will allow the marine world to advance into an eco-friendly and “green” shipping mould.

DG ensures that each training institute maintains a certain set standard and protocol when conducting courses.

DG further ensures that the foundation of the Generic Training is strong for each student and each trainee candidate, so that when students register for the type-specific training is more effective and efficient.

What is Moloobhoys doing differently, when compared with other Institutes?

Our goal is to prove the ease and usefulness of the E-Charts and to enable every Navigator and student to have the required skill-set to expertly handle the ECDIS.

We focus on:

  1. Safe and fuel efficient navigation
  2. Position fixing
  3. Easy Routing Planning
  4. Correcting Charts by regular weekly updates
  5. This will reduce the workload of the navigator

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