FURUNO Type-Specific ECDIS Course (FEA / FMD)

A. S. Moloobhoys is the exclusive FURUNO Distributor in India (for all NAVCOM equipment)
A. S. Moloobhoys is the exclusive FURUNO certified and authorised training centre in India

Course Summary

FEA Information

Model FEA 2107 / 2107BB / 2807
Cost Rs. 56,048/- (inclusive of taxes)
Duration 2 Days
Facilities Lunch & tea/coffee breaks per day
Certification FURUNO Maritime Training, Nav Skills

FMD Information

Model FMD 3100 / 3200 / 3300
Cost Rs. 56,048/- (inclusive of taxes)
Duration 2 Days
Facilities Lunch & tea/coffee breaks per day
Certification FURUNO Maritime Training, Nav Skills


Getting Started:

The unique USP of our FURUNO Classroom training is that this course is a simulator based training class and not on a computer based training module.

This simulator based training is a two-day intensive course that focuses both on the “technical” and “practical” aspects of being able to navigate through rough seas using a FURUNO ECDIS.

Students get real-time, hands-on experience on how to navigate, customize their FURUNO ECDIS on-board.

They are faced with “real-life” situations where they are taught skills on how to navigate through “turbulent seas” and even on how to “turn off” unwarranted alarms, using the ECDIS.

As paper charts become obsolete, the Type Specific ECDIS training is gaining more popularity with mariners and sea farers.

Most of our students enjoy being exposed to an actual simulator, vis-à-vis a computer screen and keyboard.

A. S. Moloobhoy and Sons Pvt. Ltd. has been rated as one of the “best training and testing facilities” in India, by our students.

Please visit our Testimonials to access student feedback videos.

A pre-requisite to this class is the successful completion of the Generic ECDIS training class:

  • If you are a student from overseas, please contact us directly for more information on your eligibility.

  • If you are an Indian National student (regardless of the flag vessel you are sailing with) who has done Generic ECDIS training (the 5 day course) but not at a DG approved facility, then please contact us for the registration of Type-Specific and Generic ECDIS Training altogether, and get a discounted price!

Paying attention to Detail:

General Information:

The FEA and FMD simulator-based training curricula has been approved by NavSkills and this facility is the only centre in India to be approved by FURUNO Maritime Training, on behalf of FURUNO, Japan.

Each student’s certificate comes directly from FURUNO, Japan and every student is entered into the FURUNO database, once they have successfully completed their exams and paperwork.

Upon successful completion of the coursework and upon passing the examination, students will be given an interim certificate from A. S. Moloobhoy and Sons Pvt. Ltd. until their final certificate is sent from FURUNO, Copenhagen (on behalf of FURUNO, Japan as mentioned above) on the postal and email address of their choice.

Upon expiration of this certificate, the student must come back to Moloobhoys or any other FURUNO Approved Institute of their choice, for re-certification.

Accreditation and Coursework:

Through small, interactive classrooms holding not more than 6-7 students, each student is given individual attention by the Instructor and examiner. Students are provided with state-of-the-art simulators and equipment, along with the latest in technology that will empower them to advance successfully in their careers as sea farers and chief mariners.

Our students have a detailed understanding of how the FURUNO Bridge System operates in its entirety and not just on how to operate an ECDIS.

Key Take-Aways:

Q: Why is this Course worth your time?

A: This course is exclusively designed by FURUNO Maritime Training and under the NAVSKILLS Guidelines. It is only available at select locations around the world, and each of our instructors have been trained and certified by FURUNO Maritime Training, directly.

Moloobhoys is the only FURUNO Type Specific ECDIS Training Class in India.

Each student who successfully completes his examination, is entered into the FURUNO databank and is awarded a NAVSKILLS certificate from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Additionally, we ensure that the following skills are imparted to every single student at Moloobhoys:

  • Ease and familiarity with control units

  • Making the correct safety and navigation parameter settings

  • Planning and setting up Alerts/Alarms and respective Action required

  • Handling electronic charts and Updates

  • Planning and Monitoring Routes

Please email us at training@asmoloobhoy.com for more information or comments on any of the above.

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