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Need to Book a Hotel? Concerned about your Dietary needs? Whatever the question, we have the answer.

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Affordable/Budget Living Arrangements near the Moloobhoy Campus

We recommend students stay at Heritage or Comfort Inn. A 5 minute drive from the Moloobhoy Campus, we arrange a pick-up and drop-off car service from this hotel. All Moloobhoy students enjoy a corporate discounted rate, including breakfast at Comfort Inn. Be sure to ask for a room upgrade (subject to availability) if you're checking in on a working day. Please contact the hotel directly to make all bookings.


FREE Pick-Up and Drop Off

A Luxury Service provided for a luxurious experience ~ We want you to arrive in style

An airconditioned car will pick and drop you off at Reay Road / Byculla Station or at Heritage Inn, as per your confirmation. Your safety is our primary concern. We request you to wear your seat belt and to make sure you identify the Moloohboy car before getting in.

If you are self driving, then parking will be made available for you, please let us know 24 hours in advance. If you are using an alternate means of transport, please be sure to Google Map our location.

If you have missed your morning pick-up and are looking for a taxi, please mention "Anchor House" to the driver and he will bring you straight to our doorstep.

For any other questions, please email us at: training@asmoloobhoy.com

Moloobhoys Meals

A Healthy Meal is a Balanced Meal

Moloobhoys believe in Good Food! But we also believe in a nutritious, balanced diet. We therefore take extra care to ensure our students are given a good, balanced meal during their training. Vegetarian and Non-Vegeterian options, as per your dietary preference, are available as the food is prepared and served in a healthy and hygienic manner.

Moloobhoys have exclusively tied up with Delivery Chef’s Calorie Count to provide our students with a balanced, nutritious meal, catered for and prepared fresh every morning.

For more information, or if you are allergic to anything specific, please contact us at: training@asmoloobhoy.com or call us at: 022-23786800 and dial “7” for Training.

Menu Items

But first, coffee

Snacks & Refeshments

Tea, Coffee and Cookies are served twice a day, everyday

If you drink it Black, Americano style with milk on the side, or if you like a hot Cappuccino or a Latte, we have it all. If you're a tea drinker, we have Green Tea available and our traditional "desi Chai" served at the perfect temperature, with and without sugar.

Nutrition Fact for Coffee
Nutrition Fact for Tea
Beverage Calorie Comparision

Moloobhoys is a Wifi Campus

FREE Wifi is available for all our students.

FREE Wifi is available for all our students, outside the classroom. Please contact our IT Department to log onto our wifi server. Happy Browsing!

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