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A. S. Moloobhoy & Sons (Moloobhoys), is a parent company of A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. (www.asmoloobhoy.com). Moloobhoys have been in service to the Indian Marine Fraternity for over a 100 years, and we have recently launched our newest vertical in Marine Training.

A.S.Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. began as a ship breaking and general ship-chandeling firm in the early 1900s. A zero debt firm backed with an impeccable track record in serving the maritime industry in India spanning over a century, Moloobhoys continues to cater to the various ever-growing needs of the Marine Market. Our vertical in education allows us to help nurture proactive, competent and reputable mariners and sea farers, bringing world-class education to India to create world-class Navigators.

At the Moloobhoy Campus, it is our mission to provide students with an excellent education experience, at competitive prices. Our classes are state-of-the-art, with a host of amenties amidst a green and eco-friendly campus, nestled in Mazagaon.

Our Generic and Type Specific ECDIS Training Courses are approved by DG, and FURUNO respectively. Each student is given his/her independent workstation and/or simulator to work-on and class sizes are between 6 to 8 students only.

Students are given individual attention and plenty of personal time with the instructors.

Our Instructors are very well qualified, with several years of teaching experience in their specific area of expertise.

The Moloobhoy Vision

At Moloobhoys, we believe in two basic principles:

Excellence in Performance and Ethical Certification/Accreditation.

Our vision is to conduct niche courses for the Marine Industry which conform to the highest international standard.

Our Generic and Type-Specific ECDIS classes have been approved by DG / NAVSKILLS, Denmark.

Our instructors have been trained by FURUNO, Denmark and have several years of teaching and sailing experience.

Each student, trained by us, is part of the Moloobhoy family, and is just as capable as any international mariner.

We believe in maintaining and building an international standard-campus in India, at economical rates.

We have been part of this Indian Marine Fraternity for 119 years now, and we rededicate ourselves "humbly in the service of the Marine Industry".

Nafeesa Adil Molobhoy
Managing Director
A.S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd.

Mission Statement

119 Years & Growing !

Building on a track record of over a century of reliability, we strive to remain ahead in our area of activity by offering our customers true value addition. Both in terms of product performance and service capability.

Improve the quality of life of our employees by providing a congenial work environment which enhances employee contribution concurrently giving a sense of accomplishment.

Our Quality Policy is aimed at achieving customer satisfaction within the framework of applicable Standards / Regulations and industry norms / contractual guidelines, with innovative methods to catalyze performance and improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

The Management

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